What season is it? oh yeah spring in Minnesota

My laundry basket is full to over flowing and I seem to be doing laundry every other day. What does that have to do with the seasons? Well in Minnesota we don’t just spring into Spring we flip back and forth for weeks on end with the world around us trying to decided what to do.

It is mid May and we are past our final frost date and I have not seen snow for a few weeks so that is great but that does not mean things are settled completely.  It just means you need to keep a wide variety of clothes handy at all times.

rain.JPGWe started this morning dark, cool and rainy. The lights needed to be on in the house, we had closed down the windows last night and as I dressed I pulled out a light weight fleece to start the day. My plant seedlings tucked carefully under a blanket (think plastic tarp) to keep from flooding and also getting a bit too cold.

As I worked in my office I soon found I needed to open the window even though it was pouring rain. A short time later I was pulling off the fleece and off to find a short sleeve shirt. The sun had arrived and with it a muggy warm.

After lunch the wind picked up although sunny and I went to find a light weight shirt with long sleeves to put over my short sleeves. It was cool in the house as I continue to type away. The sun was bright and I also went out to open up my little cold frame I had set up on the deck for my spring seedling.  They would love this outside warmth and sun.

I once again changed clothes pulling off the long sleeves, finding shorts and enjoying the temperature rise to 81 degrees and sunny.  Also knowing my plants would be happy.

As I began to think about this post and what I might say today – the skies quickly darken, the temperature dropped once again and the rains hit hard and fast. Large drops falling and sounding as if there was hail coming. I ran for the deck to once again cover my plants for fear of hail destroying 10 trays of tiny seedlings I had worked so hard to grow. seedlings .JPG

Now wet and chilled I returned to my jeans and light sweatshirt as I watched the rain. As of earlier to day we had received 3/4 of an inch but have no desire to venture out in this to see what it is now. I am guessing we are on our way to a full inch of rain for the day.

Oh wait – the rain had stopped, the sun is out again and this cool breeze is warming as I type. As you can see – in Minnesota we change clothes a lot – some times it is the fault of the weather.

Other times the laundry explosion is my fault – it is my coming in from the garden with muddy knees, shoes, hands and face. At which point my husband just points to the shower and I find yet another set of clothes to put on.

Wet, muggy, damp, cool, and muddy – cloudy, sunny, windy – everything but snow!

This is the wonderful glorious days of spring!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to What season is it? oh yeah spring in Minnesota

  1. And it honestly hasn’t been much different on the east coast, Joanne. Crazy! Today is our first really nice day in a while…and it was 80! Our poor plant have no idea what is going on. What happened to spring?

  2. Fran Haley says:

    Honestly, your post reminds me of life -!! 🙂

  3. Adrienne says:

    Just like Oregon. I have had both the heat & air conditioning on this month.

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