Day 20 – Slice of Life Challenge – Balance, the first day of spring!

Morning glory.JPGIt is the spring equinox. It means the Earth has hit the turning point in its orbit where neither the North or the South poles are tilted towards the sun. The Sun will spend roughly equal amounts of time above and below the horizon at every location on the Earth, so night and day are about the same length.

The word equinox is Latin for “equal night”.

It is all about balance!

In Minnesota we are standing at the mid point of a teeter totter. One end is winter and the other is summer. We have made it half way and for a few moments we teeter back and forth as we try to pull off our scarfs, mittens, boots, hats, snow pants – oh the long underwear and extra socks all must go.

We are seeking to stay upright as we tip towards longer days, warmer temperatures and a time of more activity and energy. Where are those shorts, the sunglasses, short sleeve shirts, the sandals?  Is the bike behind the shovels and salt? Where is the tire pump? Seeds for the garden – oh yes, they are under last years pots piled up next to the snow blower.

We are more than ready to take on this switch in seasons. You can see it as you walk around town. People are ready, they have shed the winter clothes. The little plants are peaking out from the cold and soggy ground, and animals are scurrying around searching out the last of winter seeds to eat – they are ready.crocus.JPG


The astronomical calendar may say it is spring, the equal day light and night may tell us it is spring, and we all feel it is spring –

The wind, the temperature and the light snow drifting down from the sky reminds us that winter leaves when it is good and ready not when the sun till is even, not when the day and night are even, and certainly not when I decide to find my summer clothes.

So today I will return to my polar tech, my heavy socks and take my seeds down to the basement grow light and pretend it is sunny and warm out there.

It’s coming I know it is! I just need to have patiences! Maybe if I lean forward just a bit harder I can tip the titter totter towards those sunny warmer days!

Happy Spring Solstice!



(No, I don’t have flowers yet – these are all from last years garden – the Morning Glory from mid summer, the crocus and daffodils from mid April. Here hoping mid April brings flowers again this year!)



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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5 Responses to Day 20 – Slice of Life Challenge – Balance, the first day of spring!

  1. The idea of leaning forward to get us somewhere faster leaves a vivid image with me.

  2. arjeha says:

    I am so ready to pack away the layers and feel less encumbered when I go outside. Soon!

  3. shrontk says:

    I live in Michigan and I can definitely relate to your post. I love how you use the word teetering. It feels exactly like that. At times you feel like spring is here and then bam there is a snow storm and it is winter again. “Balance” is what we need.

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