Day 11 – Slice of Life – What does spring look like? a quick write

  • Saturday morning
  • Temperature is 10 degrees feels like -2
  • Wind is 9 mph

I was re reading a journal from 2011 this morning and thinking about my blogs. The journal I was reading was the start of my blogging. Not this blog but one for students on wild gardens.  Here is where you can find the first post.  (It is a blog that is still out there but I visit it only once in awhile now. Not sure what to do with it. That is another post – what do you do with old blogs or changing blogs?)

The first idea for a post hand written in my notebook was wondering about spring and here I am wondering about spring again knowing we have a snow storm watch for tomorrow.

This possible post was full of questions that could lead to writing ideas and then to writing poems. An idea for students in this pre spring moment –

  • when does spring come to the garden?
  • what does it look like?
  • what does it smell like?
  • what does it feel like?
  • what does it sound like?

Spring comes when there is

water running down hill

DSC00477.jpg black mud squishing under my feet

ice floating down the creek

vinca leaves green against the snowDSC00456.jpg

green shoots coming out of the ground

pussy willows puffing up at the tips of branches

 fire used to burn off the dead wood of fallen trees

DSC00498.jpgthe heat of skunk cabbage melting snow

crinkly leaves still hanging on to the witch hazel tree

three green wood ferns flat against the ground waiting to spring up

brown fallen leaves decaying into the mudDSC00462.jpg

A garden waking up from a long winters rest

What does spring look and feel like to you or your students?  Try a quick write developing your observation skills and your senses!

Happy Writing for day 11!



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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5 Responses to Day 11 – Slice of Life – What does spring look like? a quick write

  1. vanessaw2007 says:

    Beautiful detail in this spring poem. I’m a sucker for nature and really loved this piece. Thanks for sharing your questions and inspiration.

  2. arjeha says:

    Love your poem. For me spring is putting away the heavy coat, gloves, and scarves. Spring is going from wearing three layers to just one. Spring is also pussy willow in bloom and the smell of lilacs.

  3. I love all the senses engaged, and I love the zig-zag pattern the words and photos form. My favorite line- “the heat of skunk cabbage melting snow.” That’s real spring- its sort of strong and furious, and yes- there is still snow 🙂

  4. hollymueller says:

    Wonderful a wonderful poem celebrating spring, even as it seems more like winter outside. Wonderful images and photos to go with them. I’m a little sad here because our beautiful magnolia blooms froze last night and are now browned and droopy. 😦

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