It’s Monday! What are you Reading? Wolves and Runnaways

I seem to be a reader who gets stuck in one area – so I continued this week with reading a story with wolves. I have started Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell. ( Thanks Myra for the suggestion.) I also started reading A Great Good Summer.

True confession is that I have not finished either – the garden magazines came in, the garden itself has needed a great deal of attention (still planting and always weeding) and there is the garden book I started last week and am also still reading. How can this be?  I am reading three books and can not do a good report on any of them. It is a good thing I am not a student right now. I would have failed my homework. You know the assignment – read “blank” book before Monday.  I promise as a teacher of 40 years I will do better next week.

Here is what I can tell you –

23257157Wolf Wilder is by Rundell who wrote Rooftoppers which I loved. It had the right amount of danger, adventure but also caring and learning along the way. It appears, in the first 4 chapters I have read, that she has set the same tone for this book – out in 2015.

This is set in the snowy north of Russia. Feodora and her mother take in wolves that have been trained as pets. Their job is to re train them for the wild, to help them learn to fear humans, to hunt for their own food and learn to run free.

This is all well and good until the Russian army tells them they must kill the wolves that come their way. The question is can they train them in secret because as we all know there is no way Feodora is going to kill one of these wonderful animals?

Here is what you and I are both wondering since I will need to finish this wonderful read this week. What I do know is this would fit in well with Julie and the Wolves and so many other great middle grade fiction books on wolves. (a mix of fiction story with true info on wolves makes for great reading)

A Great Good Summer by Liz Garton Scanlon takes us on a summer 23309622runaway adventure. Lvy is determined to find her mother and an unexpected friend,Paul, joins her on a bus ride from Texas to Florida in the search. These two think they have planned well but the unexpected throws their plans awry.

This book would be great for a 3rd, 4th and 5th grader looking for a light read about family. My guess is this would be of more interest to the female readers as a independent read but would be a good read to add to the collection of family issue books. (The adventure here is mild and our main character is Ivy. Paul is the logical science brain that helps Ivy stay grounded but also needs some one to notice him.)

I would take note that in this book Ivy’s mother has run off with a traveling preacher so there is lots of connections to the Christian faith. Ivy quotes a few bible phrases she has learned from her mother and reflects on her church and prays for help along the way – all of it done with great humor and care. It is not a book about Christians or faith but if your classroom has many children of other faiths you might be asked questions about Christianity.

It is a book about finding faith and hope when the world is not going the way you had planned or hoped for.

Both books are a good summers read! Now I just need to go finish them – well after I weed the next section of the garden.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to It’s Monday! What are you Reading? Wolves and Runnaways

  1. I really enjoyed Rooftoppers, so I’m interested in picking up The Wolf Wilder, I have high hopes!

  2. It looks like you have some good reads to keep you company this week. 🙂

  3. Linda Baie says:

    I loved the Rundell books, both just great. I have The Great Good Summer on my list, have heard it’s good. Thanks, Joanne.

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