It’s Monday! No it’s Tuesday and What are you reading? Adult/YA

My last few weeks have been crazy busy so reading and writing has slipped to a few hours in the evening before falling asleep. I have started blog posts that are not finished, my novel writing has stopped, my books for my children’s book group are not read and the book for my adult book group also has not been read  (although I am now working on it – The Zoo Keepers Wife – non-fiction and a good read if you like war and animals!)

The book I did get read is listed as an adult read but I kept wondering why not YA.  What is the difference between an adult read and a YA read?  It is point of view. The question is the main character – a young adult experiencing the events or is the main character an adult looking back in time – reflection on young adult events. My story takes us through the life of a young girl up through adulthood and through generations.  The book was complexed in how the story came forward making the mystery deeper and the need to keep reading even more urgent. I kept thinking of this as young adult but I guess not if I go by definition.

imgresI was lost in a mystery garden book titled The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. This story stretches over generation with each chapter showing us another view point into the story. Morton works back and forth through the years so it is important to be alert to what time period you are in.

The story begins in 1913 with a young 4 year old girl hidden on a boat headed for Australia. She is waiting for the Authoress to return but it is clear she is on her own in a journey to another land. We go from here to 1930 and then on to 2005. It is this weaving back and forth through time and family lives that unfolds a deep mystery of power within families and society to hurt but also to heal relationships.

This is a book like The Secret Garden that is full of characters to love and those who hold evil in their hands destroying all happiness and love along the way. There is an an old book of dark fairy tales, a secret garden, an aristocratic family, a love denied, and a mystery. Who is the Authoress, why was the little girl left to travel alone and how does it all connect to a well to do family in England?

It is a great summer read while having tea on the deck! I however read it in bits and pieces while falling asleep after testing way to may elementary school kids.

So what is on your reading list for summer? and have you thought about the blurring lines between Young Adult books and Adult books? Interesting to think about.

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to It’s Monday! No it’s Tuesday and What are you reading? Adult/YA

  1. I haven’t thought about summer reading yet…need to finish the school year first! Enjoy your planning for summer reads! This book looks interesting!

  2. Ramona says:

    So many things I need to read, but right now totally caught up in a MG title, Stonebird by Mike Revell. Then it’s back to required reading for three separate book groups. And then I’ll think about books for vacation reading.

  3. arjeha says:

    Will have to share this with my wife. This is the kind of book she likes.

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