Slice of Life Challenge Day 24 – not enough

As a kid I seemed to always be in the spot of knowing somethings but not enough. I was the kid who moved to fast and skimmed the surface of things to get to the end. It was oh to hard to slow down and take things step by step.

  • Building the skateboard from old skates but not slowing down to measure and align the skate wheels meant for a board that did not balance – I knew enough but not enough to make it work well! images-1
  • Taking apart the kitchen wall fan to clean it – I was being so helpful. I got it apart, pieces laid out and cleaned but the re assembling was another thing.  I knew enough but not enough to complete my task well.

This pattern began to solve itself as I got older, learned to slow down and complete tasks with care. It settled as I read more, let people be mentors and took time to learn things in small steps.

I moved into a career in teaching and spent years learning, improving and working to complete my task well. I got there I think. We are always learning but there is a point that we say “yeah,I got this thing called teaching” or whatever we are learning.

Now I am back at the not enough stage and I feel the young kid in my wanting to jump ahead before I have measured, before I have read enough and before I have sought a good mentor or teacher.

  • I am pulling apart of garden bed but don’t really know how to do the underplanting that is in my head – I know some but not enough.
  • imagesI am learning to knit. I know enough to cast on, knit and purl so have begun a baby blanket but I have no idea how to finish this thing off. I know some but not enough.

Life is funny how it circles around and brings us back to where we began. Those steps I needed when I was 5 and 9 and 15 are the same steps I need today in my mid 60’s.

  • Slow down and plan
  • Read and research
  • Seek teachers and mentors
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Know that it takes time to learn

I expect this is true all through life but I am just feeling it again now as I turn to new tasks or things that had been forgotten and now I am taking time for them again.

Are you learning something new?  It is always good to put ourselves into the new learning mode. Frustrating at times but it helps us see our students and how they struggle, push through and achieve new skills.

Happy New Learning this spring!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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8 Responses to Slice of Life Challenge Day 24 – not enough

  1. Glenda Funk says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I don’t think I’ve ever felt as though I know enough about anything, including teaching, even though this is my 35th year. And I used to know how to garden when I lived where stuff grew despite my efforts.

  2. bevbaird says:

    Such a thoughtful post – one I can so relate to Joanne. I too am mid 60s, trying to improve my writing and art and feeling like it is not enough and that there isn’t enough time. Love the list you gave to help get over this hurdle.

  3. Pat says:

    So true! I wanted to start a compost, I know some but as I researched I realize not enough!

  4. arjeha says:

    Had to smile. In many ways it reminds me of me ..Jack of all trades but master of none.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    I am looking to you for underplanting advice – I fail at this miserably.

  6. Alice Nine says:

    Such a great reflective piece.They say it is a good thing that we have to keep learning because it is is the learning of new things that dendrites are formed and our brain stays healthy in old age… Cheers for taking time and learning !

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