Mid Summer Blues and Silent Characters

IMG_2170Summer is in full bloom. The garden is well on its way with new flowers blooming every few days. The Echinacea is out of control. It is almost as tall as I am and full of flowers. The bees are finding their way from flower to flower enjoying the deep summer sun.IMG_2162

This deep summer sun has also left us with heat and humidity that has slowed us all down leaving us damp, sticky and sleepy. The brain has slowed allowing my focus to slip from thing to thing. It is hard to begin tasks – so the to do list is not shortening as I would like.

It is the summer blues! A time to move slowly, read and reflect. I had hoped to use this time to write, to build the story I have started but it has become another item on the list. Moving forward with words has been a struggle this week.

I decided to just admit it and name it for what it is. There are times when we just need to go in a different direction for awhile. A time to walk away from the problem that seems unsolvable. The story line for now has come to a halt and there is no sense in fighting it each day.

For now Lily’s story will go into the archives and I am moving on. I am stepping out of the blues and back into the sun. Lily, I will see you in the fall or winter when we are ready to try again.IMG_2167

Some writing is like that – it just isn’t ready to be written. This I have decided is one of those stories. I have been working with this text on and off for the last year or so and seem to be going in circles. I can only move to far and then all goes quiet. There are 5 short chapters that I will put away and look at some time next winter on a cold and snowy day.

Do you have those stories that just refuse to be written?  What do you do when your characters go silent or your plot just stops?


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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One Response to Mid Summer Blues and Silent Characters

  1. deborahwiles says:

    Wow! I hope my garden is that grand next year. We got a late start. As for putting away stories, I do that all the time. I have so many that I think, “one day, one day….” and some that have been published. It took 15 years for Countdown to go from an idea for a picture book to a documentary novel. It spent years at a time in a drawer while I worked on something else. I wasn’t enough of a writer for it and had to grow and get better… something I’m still trying to do. Aren’t we all? :>

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