#SOL2015 15/31 – Everything changes – meditation

It is a beautiful Sunday!  The air is warm with a gentle breeze. The sun slides in and out the clouds gently bringing spring and renewal to tired winter souls.

For me it is a day of meditation and thought – walking, reading and thinking –

A thought for today and a reflection from years ago –

“All is connected like a chain.

Nothing is permanent.

Everything changes.

If we do not accept that fact,

we will always suffer.”

                                                                               – Phra Saneh Dhammavaro

                                                                  Buddhist Monk

A poem I wrote – one of four inspired by this statement and life in general – written in 2008 as part of a hand made book titled In the Sand – 

A Quiet Voice

The rush of waves over sand

The sound of gulls in flight

Call us from our sleep.

Adventure pulls as we tumble

Down the rocky cliff to the waters edge,


A path different today,

Moss flowers, geodes, or fox tracks,

Treasures to explore.

A leap from the hill

Lands us in rocky sand.


There are waves

To chase as we slip

From their chilly grasp

Quieter now. The waves are

Smaller, waiting, watching,


Drawing pictures in the sand

Masterpieces to be shared

For a moment, then washed

Away into the lake

As the waves stretch to meet them.


We draw again stronger, deeper

Determined to have

Our art remain.

But the waves play

Leaving a clean canvas.


Frustration as we want

The pictures to stay

The treasures to remain

Our Masterpieces there

For us to share.


Waves nudge us whispering,

The world will transform

A moment from now

A hill will be here,

The treasures will be different.


The waves will be here.

The canvas of sand will remain.

The masterpiece will be different.

We hang on to the change

Change sustains us.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to #SOL2015 15/31 – Everything changes – meditation

  1. Beth Scanlon says:

    Thanks for the thoughts and poems…that is the habit of mind I am working on this year…

  2. travelinma says:

    Lovely. I realize change happens, but not always as I wish. It is all about perspective and the promise of something new.

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