#SOL2015 6/31 Finding Sun Spots

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It is March 6th and official spring is 14 days 7 hours and 27 minutes from the time of this writing. I am old so several of my friends are posting pictures from Florida, Arizona, and southern California. The retired teachers and Minnesota north shore hotel owners are out and about. They are relaxing in the warmth of other locations while waiting for the last 14 days to slip by.  (To be honest here in Minnesota it may not feel like spring until mid April but here is hoping!)

I am here at my office window watching a blue, blue sky. I don’t dare let my eyes wonder down toward the ground for it is white and radiates cold. The sun is slowly moving across my office floor warming each little spot as it rises higher into the sky. I am moving with the sun to each warm spot just to feel it on my skin. The light in my office is bright, the plants are showing signs of new growth and one has even graced us with little pink flowers.

Those of us who live and stay in the northern states become sun seeks at this time of the year. We move furniture to sun spots in the house, stand by windows or glass doors for long periods of time seeking those rays of light and will walk even when it is really cold just to get a bit of sun. This year I have even added tracking the sunrise and sunsets just so I can prove to myself the days are getting longer.

Don’t get me wrong we love winter, snow and all that comes with it -ok well, not the 45 below wind chills but you get the idea. The change of seasons is what brings energy, excitement and variety to our lives. Think bright green springs, hot summer days with cool nights, bright fall leaves and fresh powdery snow all just outside our door.

It just that right about now we, well I really need more green than white, I need more heat than cold. Just wondering if spring and its fresh green buds, the smell of soil warming in the sun and brisk nights just right for walking could come a little sooner than the official spring date.

We really won’t mind if it is early this year!

We would love to start hunting for these early signs of spring any day now. Trout Lilies and skunk cabbage I know are just under our piles of snow waiting and excited to grow. Come on SPRING!



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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One Response to #SOL2015 6/31 Finding Sun Spots

  1. Lovely description! I grew up in Minnesota and love this sentence because I remember doing this: Those of us who live and stay in the northern states become sun seeks at this time of the year.

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