#SOL15 – Day One – And we begin

  • I am excited!Slice of Life logo
  • It is year three for me!
  • I struggle to call myself a writer.
  • I try to write everyday.

It is day one of the Two (plus many) Writing Teachers March Challenge. I am a retired elementary teacher who dreams of finishing the books she has started. Publishing might be nice but it is the writing that I am trying to master. Over the years of teaching writing to young students I have started story after story – all ok ideas for a book, some really pretty good.

But here is where the issue lies -the word started is the key. I expect you know this issue. I start a story as a model for my students writing. They love the beginning, I love my beginning and I promised myself this is the one I will continue to write.

The students go off to write, I get ready for the next math lesson, geography lesson, reading lesson, science lesson and the world spins forward. The story started as a model sits forgotten with all the other stories in my writers journal – that black and white Mead notebook.

This tells you a bit about me. I am story starter. I have great beginnings and I also am pretty sure where I would like the story to end but dog gone it you have to have a middle. The middle is what I am working on this year. I am seeking how to find the middle to my story. An interesting problem and one that will be fun to work on. I hope.

Over the next month as I write daily I hope to also be working on the middle to one of my stories. I will keep you posted.

You will also hear about books I am reading, small groups of students I am working with, and some random thoughts that pop up.

Happy to be here with you!  Enjoy the writing everyone!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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6 Responses to #SOL15 – Day One – And we begin

  1. agurney2015 says:

    Joanne, you words, “I model starting a story with kids, and as they go off to write, I plan a math lesson etc.” ring so true to home. I hope that you can continue writing. Good luck!

  2. showgem says:

    Best wishes on your journey to find the “middle” of your story. I consider you a writer because you write every day and you have the “courage” to write stories. I am working on writing every day that’s why I do the Slice of Life. Hoping this year I will continue writing every day.

  3. arjeha says:

    Who among us doesn’t have many stories started. Here’s an idea. Why don’t we all publish them in a book called “Story Starters:? The stories might never get finished, but the beginnings will all be published. 🙂

    • Joanne Toft says:

      I love that idea! I expect we would have a very large book when we put them all together. What fun to read all the story starters teachers have use for the different genres.

  4. we are so at the same place…I’ve got the stories too…the beginnings, some that even have some endings….hopefully the slice challenge will help me to challenge myself in my writing…I think the slicers will give us energy to get back at it…xo

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