It’s Monday! What are you reading? realistic fiction

I finished reading all, but the new short chapter (The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse  #6.5), of Flavia de Luce’s mystery novels this past week. I have been on a mystery bender for two weeks. I can’t explain why and I won’t bore you with yet another review of Badley’s novels. I just loved sinking into his setting and following Flavia on her adventures. Enough said!

Once I finished those I search my digital library for the books I have been meaning to read and found lurking in the corner Jo Knowles book See You at Harry’s.  I have enjoyed Knowles other books Jumping off Swings and Living with Jackie Chan. There have lots of review of this book but I just had not read it yet. HarrysFinalCover

It began as I expected with Jo building a strong character connection and then about mid way through it took a leap I did not see coming. It is a book you laugh with, a book you understand and a book you cry with.

Knowles has the ability to make a family come alive, to help us see and feel exactly what her characters are thinking and feeling. I won’t spoil it for you – just know it is a read with lots of emotions and room for lots of discussions about family, growing up and acceptance of our selves and others. It is about love.

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to It’s Monday! What are you reading? realistic fiction

  1. This book has been on my TBR list for too long. Maybe this year.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said about See You At Harry’s, Joanne. What a marvelous story, & what a shock. Happy New Year!

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to discover from you here, that Alan Bradley has a new Flavia book. I have been an ardent fan since the first novel. I’m now waiting for it to become available at the library! I really enjoyed See You At Harry’s. I also cried a lot when I read it.

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