Stuck and moving forward

Slice of Life logoSometimes it seems I need to be stuck to move forward.

I have been in transition for about a year or so having left my classroom and seeking what I called refirement.

Refirement is beginning again – firing up for a new way of being or living. I did not retire to just sit at home – I need to be involved and to learn something new, do something new.

My choice was to write – write for my blogs, work on a children’s book. My thinking was to explore this new world of words. Open time, open space and the freedom to explore what writing was all about.

I began last spring with a MG novel idea letting the two picture books stories I had written years ago remain sleeping in the bottom drawer. I wrote a chapter or so and there she sits. Life got in the way or I let it get in the way is more like it. I know that if I really wanted that story to come alive I would find the time. There is time – we make the time if we want something to really happen.

So here I am wondering – stuck in so many ways.

Yes, the broken wrist in a brace just went to a cast today (not healing since I am using it to much) – it can be my new reason for not writing. Except if you have noticed I am writing here. Writing can happen in short bursts – but isn’t that what many authors do they write only a few hundred words a day but write every day.

So now I must face the truth – I am stuck and I don’t know why!

Here is what I know:

  • I have a story started
  • I like the idea
  • I have done some research for it
  • I want to write – at least I think I do
  • I am not moving forward

Hmmmm – what has me stuck? and how do I push myself forward?

Have you ever been here- sitting in the mud (well – more like sitting in a snow pile frozen- I live in Minnesota and it is now snowing)?

What do you do to kick your writing forward, to thaw it out and get moving?



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to Stuck and moving forward

  1. Sorry about the broken wrist. We should meet for coffee…because I too have been stuck in refirement…love that word. I did change the look on my bog and tried to think of it in a new way. I too have a middle grade novel that I haven’t touched since July and 3 picture books lost in my external hard drive. I’m so glad I am reading your post today…we can encourage each other! xo

  2. Tara Smith says:

    Yes. I have. And there is no one way to get unstuck, other than to name it and move on. Sometimes, setting a piece of writing aside is the best thing – you can use time away from it, and return with a fresh perspective.

  3. Joanne Toft says:

    Thanks – good to hear that. I guess that is what I was trying to do today is name it and own the feelings so I can find the way forward. Looking for that fresh perspective – thanks again.

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