Finding a writers group –

imgresA writers group is what everyone talks about these days. Creating writing groups in our classrooms. Creating writing groups for ourselves. Helping students and fellow teachers see the importance of a creative writers group and then how to actually work in a writing group, which is so important.

The missing link for me has been my own writers group. I am a solo writer.   My husband, bless his heart, will read anything I put in front of him. He is also a great editor for me (I need to use him more I am sure of that). However, he is not a writing group. We do not discuss and share the details of our writing – even though he is a writer.

So now retired and writing more – I continue to write on my own, in my office – looking out the window. Translate that to more looking out the window then writing somedays. I have known I needed to find a group of writers to work with. I needed a group that gives me a dead line to work towards. A group that asks questions of my writing and gentle holds my feet to the fire when I am not doing my best.

I have lots of friends who write. They are in long established writers groups and although very encouraging to me the door is not open to another writer within their groups.  I get it – once your group is established it is hard to make changes.  They have routines that work.

My neighbor writes but she is solo writer and likes it that way. We talk about writing in general but not in the details of our own writing.

I have also, in the past. been part of a writers group that worked on line for awhile but distance is hard and several members found themselves with very young children (babies) and the writing group dissolved.

A writing soul out hunting for a group – I gave up this spring. I decided to keep blogging and writing as best I can. I could take classes and let that be my writers group of a short while but really a group is for the long haul not just the 6 weeks of the class.

When one gives up or gives into the situation is when a surprise seems to show up. I guess it is the act of waiting, staying open and positive that makes for opportunities. When you least expect it the world changes.

The other part of my “refirement” (starting new after retirement) was just to be open to others and keeping in contact with organizations and friends I have worked with over the years as a teacher. So when a friend from the local arboretum called to see if I would look over a small walking tour guide for children and families to use at the gardens I said sure.

We chatted over lunch, reviewed the guide and the conversation turned to children’s book and writing. She too was writing, had taken a few classes and knew the value of a writing group but did not have one to work with.

The world works in interesting ways – so we will begin our own writers group – open for more to join but at least will begin sharing small pieces of the work we have both started. We are excited and ready to have the caring comments and ideas of a fellow writer.

So the journey begins – we will learn how to share our writing, set some ground rules for ourselves and see where our little community of 2 writers will take us.

If you are looking for a group – stay open, watch for those who write and be patient.  It will happen, even though I did not think it would!  And keep writing!imgres-1

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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