It’s Monday? No, A bit late but – What are you Reading?

I read two books this last week. One took me all week and one I read in about an hour. The difference between an adult book and the children’s book. But both were good reads.

I spent the week reading Pat Conroy’s book My Reading Life. It is a book that had me totally fascinated at times and also putting me to sleep. He is enthralled with words and an extraordinary reader.url

This book takes us on a journey of his reading life but could also really be a memoir as well. We learn about all that he has read, which seems like every classic there is plus some, through the people who were his guides to reading and writing.

It really showed me the importance of being a guide to our young readers. His mother, his teachers and then his fellow writers all kept him exploring books, words and “the how to” of writing.

I was delighted at his study of authors and the structure of their writing. He is always seeking to learn from other readers and writers.  I am glad I found this book – lots to think about and things to change in my own reading habits.

In keeping with Poetry month I thought it was wonderful that Conroy keeps a stack of poetry books at his writing table. He uses them to kick start his writing day. What a great idea for all of us?   What poets might you keep by your desk to start your writing day?


Gone Fishing is the other books I read this week. It is a book in verse and great fun to read. It would be perfect for a summer read list. Each page is a poem that builds the story of son and dad going fishing.  But there is always that younger sister who will destroy the best father/son outing. We hear from son and daughter through out as this trip goes from good to bad to — well you will have to read it to find out if fishing can be a three some.

Tamera Will Wissinger not only tells us a story in poems but teaches different poetic structures along the way.  Each poem is done in a different style (labeled at the top) and at the end of the book she shares information about each style of poem so that you can try them on our own.  A perfect read, write and learn book!

Happy Poetry Month!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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