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Create a nest around an egg of an idea

“In truth, what I do is this: I create a nest around the egg of an idea. I keep it warm. I watch as it forms. I hope for the best. I hold it up to a candle and make … Continue reading

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Changing perspectives – writing from a different view point

Over the last few weeks I have found myself in a similar conversation about writing.  The question is: Can you write a children’s book from the perspective of a different culture, race or gender? In fiction the gender issue is … Continue reading

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Slowing down

I retired at the end of June  I worked part time until end of January I finished a few meetings at the end of February I am done, I am sitting, I am quiet, I am reflecting   It is … Continue reading

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March 19 – seeking color?

The first day of spring is Thursday, March 20, the date of the vernal equinox, or spring equinox, in the northern hemisphere. The new season will begin officially at 12:57 p.m. EDT on Thursday. Thursday – ok that is tomorrow! … Continue reading

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The Need for Voice and Life Long Learning ( March Post #18)

Last night a few of the neighborhood women met at my house for book group. We have been meeting off and on for over 18 years. It started after I had a run in with Breast Cancer and needed to … Continue reading

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Violence in our Schools

This is a short post!  I don’t even know where to go with my thinking! I don’t have answers. I guessing the rest of us don’t either because the problem just keeps coming up. Violence is a strong word. Words … Continue reading

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Seeking Books of Color

Woke up this morning and pulled the paper into the house from the cold white steps. Briefly looked at my white yard and reflected once again on the lack of color. The thoughts revisited that when every thing is the … Continue reading

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Updating – from paper to digital

I am lost in notebooks and photographs. I need to begin to clear space in my house – well mainly my office. It has two walls of books, a closet with shelves full of supplies for craft projects and notebook … Continue reading

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Reading Passion – reading books and beyond (March Post #14)

The Nerdy Book Club post for Thursday (March 13) got me thinking about the change in reading.  These lines are what kept ringing in my head. “He cites that in 2002, only about 52% of Americans ages 18-24 reported reading … Continue reading

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Learning – Stepping into Beginners Mind (March Post #13)

I started a new project today with lots of new learning. I decided to make my 94 year old mother a lap blanket. She had a knitted one she really liked but it disappeared somewhere in the Care Facility she … Continue reading

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