Watching Time with Milo (March Post #8)

Slice of Life logoTime is a funny thing!  At times the world seems to be speeding past us and at other times every thing slows down to a crawl or even a stop.  How can things feel so different and yet be very much the same?

I watched an elementary group of students perform The Phantom Tollbooth this last week.  What fun to watch these young students handle the vocabulary of this play but also their struggling to make sense of the larger concepts that Norton Juster brings up in this 1961 story.

The concept of time, the use of time and battle between words and numbers, the play on words and ideas are amazing. Today I feel as if I am traveling along with Milo trying to make sense of time and words.

I hurried to get breakfast and drive on the rainy, icy streets to spend time with my Mother. I knew she would be worried about when I was coming. As I arrived she indeed was wondering what took me so long. It was 8:30 am.  (good old time)

We chatted a few minutes (time) and as I went to write down our adventures from yesterday (time) in her small green guest book she was sound asleep.

Time slowed way down. We are in the land of doldrums just like Milo and friends!  It is gray, rainy. She sleeps and I sit watching quietly as this soon to be 95 year old dozes her day away.

Time is so different now for her.  She sleeps and eats.  She goes for an occasional ride with someone to watch the world.  She struggles with her words knowing what she wants to say but not able to express it. Time in so many ways has stopped. It has left us feeling tired, slow and a bit sad.

The days of long conversations about family and books are gone.  She does not remember and it is hard for her to focus with us as we chat. Time has taken her and so I sit. I watch time, reflect on time.  How did we spend our time together when we could connect?

Just as Milo learns not to waste time but to use it wisely so I think again about how I will use my time, as I get older. For I know there will be a day that I am the woman dozing in the chair and my daughter or son will be there watching as time slows down for me.

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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One Response to Watching Time with Milo (March Post #8)

  1. This is a poignant reflection. You captured how time passes on many levels.

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