Book Review: Finding stories – Matisse on the Loose

images-2Matisse on the loose by Georgia Bragg

I am doing a bit of research on Matisse for a book I started years ago.  I like the idea but the story I am writing now is just missing something.  A feeling of coming from the heart maybe – its a nice story but it needs something. On my way to building more background knowledge and to just see what is out there on my topic I found a fun little book that lead me to the discussion of making sure there is heart in your art.

Art (writing)needs to come from the heart.  Georgia Braggs, an artist and writer, but together a fun story of what happens when one makes a mistake and they try as hard a possible to fix it with out hurting anyone.

Our main character is a boy named after Matisse. He is also a budding artist but is spending a lot of time trying to not be like his free wheeling family and he practices copying others art.  You might be able to see where this goes. There is a switch of paintings real for copied. Now how does he switch it back without going to jail and destroying his family.

Braggs takes us on quite an adventure through the museum. She fills us in on the care of art, rules around the museum and why they are put in place.   She shares so much information but she seamlessly adds it to the story line.

Matisse also must deal with his feeling of embarrassment towards his family.  He learns a lesson from his father as well as Pierre Matisse, Henri Matisse’s son.

Art comes from the heart and must be fully yours!

This is a good middle grade book that fits into family and making choices. It is fun and a light read to share with students.  It would make a good to read aloud. The chapters are short and each leaves you wondering what will happen next.

It is not a new book  (2009) but sometimes we find books that speak to us just when we need it.   Happy Reading!


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I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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