Endings and Beginning

Two days is all that stands between myself and a new life.  I don’t know weather to hide in my office, jump for joy or just sit down and cry.   Crying might be the way to go since I can cry when I am happy and also sad.   That seems to fit this time of year.

Sad in that I am sending off my students – 5th graders on to middle school.  They have been a hard bunch but that makes it even harder to say good bye.

Happy in that I am sending off my 5th graders to new worlds and time for them to stretch into bigger shoes.

Sad in that we never really got to where I had hoped we would be.   We are now a community of learners but it is fragile and can fall apart at any moment.

Happy in the progress we did make. They now worry about disappointing me, they ask each other what is wrong and can really play Ultimate Frisbee without fighting.  ( No black eyes – we couldn’t have done that last September)

Sad in that they are not the readers I had hoped they would be at this point.

Happy because they are reading – at one level or another and they are asking about books.  They will become readers – they are now on the journey to being readers – they were not there last fall.

Sad in that this was my last full year of classroom teaching.  I will be retiring this summer and although I know I will continue to teach or work with students in some way from here on out they will be the students of someone else.

Happy because it is my last year of teaching in a classroom.   I am excited, scared and amazed that after Tuesday I have open time in front of me.  The long list of reading and writing, the two children’s books unfinished, the two blogs that keep being ignored, and I won’t even start to tell you about the projects that need to be started and finished at home. (you know all about those)

It has been a year  – not my best year of teaching but not my worst.  It was a year of learning – which they all are even when you know you are retiring.  I have so many great ideas for next year, learned so many great lessons this year. It has been a year.

Happy and Sad I move forward to beginnings.

Writing and being a writer – here I come!

(Don’t expect any published works anytime soon 🙂   I think my works will stay in the desk drawer but they will be fun to write. )

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to Endings and Beginning

  1. Doug Toft says:

    This one brought tears to my eyes. Many congratulations on an extraordinary career.

  2. leahjameson@gmail.com says:

    Think of the lives you have positively impacted with your patience and knowledge. You have been a blessing to many. Congratulations as you start your new chapter!

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