Developing intense interest

libraryIt is the end of the school year-at least my students think it is!   What I know is that I have about five weeks to develop an intense interest in reading.  It needs to be an interest that will sustain them through the summer and propel them into next year.  Reading needs to be connected to events and activities that are happening out of school.   So many of my students think of reading only as a school event, a school requirement.

I know I am dreaming but if we don’t dream miracles will never happen.  So what are my next steps in setting this stage for intense reading?

Motivation: What really motives us to read?

  • It is usually a question or interest in a topic that pushes us to read for information/ to do research.
  • We want or need to feel it is our choice – we want to have a say in what we read
  • Everyone reads for different reasons –  some pleasure, some to learn, some to feel connected
  • ????

If these are our motivating factors then I need to tap into what my students would really like to do this summer.  I need to help them develop a list of books that might be fun to read, or might help them learn about that interest.

Here is my thinking tonight-

  1. We need to make a list of activities and events we would love to do and learn about
  2. We need to create a list of books that help us to learn more about these activities
  3. We also need to create a list of books that we think might be fun to read

Instead of MY spending time creating lists of books for my students to read over the summer it is my students who need to be creating a list of what they are interested in.  I believe this calls for student time to be looking at the Horn Book, student time at the library with notebook in hand and time reviewing book lists on line.

Not sure this will create any intense reading over the summer but if students walk away with a few books they really think they might like to read this summer I am one step closer to my goal of keeping them reading.

What do you do to keep students reading over the summer?reading

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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One Response to Developing intense interest

  1. newtreemom says:

    I think your ideas are really good ones for getting the kids to create their own summer reading list- to set their own hook! Some might be surprised and catch the love of reading.

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