Running short of time – seeking balance in a writing life

sols_6Ok –  today has gotten away from me – a friends birthday party last night that was stressful (Birthdays should be fun) and stayed up way to late processing the why and how to help, the darn clock jumped forward an hour,  my son who just moved to New York city is texting all day for information to help him move into his new apartment and I am having way to much fun reading everyones post for Slice of Life.

It is now late afternoon my school work is piled around me staring at me and wondering when I am going to get to work.   I realize that I have not written my post for the day and dinner needs to be made soon.

Oh, I understand why my writing had slowed in the winter months.   Once I begin to write I begin to read and then I write some more and my other work sits beside me neglected.  I had pushed that joy of writing to the side because I knew there were other things I must do.    So here I am not quite mid March and realize the importance of writing again.  The joy I feel in putting words on paper (well computer).

The word that comes to mind now is balance.   How do I find the balance between the tasks that must be done and the tasks I enjoy and learn from?   It really should not have to  be an either or.

I would love to hear from others who have found the way to do both – the working full time plus (we all know teaching is full time plus)  and the time to write.

I am doing it at the moment, sort of, but wonder how to sustain it once the month of March has drawn to a close.   My reflection question for the week – How do I create a balance to work and write?

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to Running short of time – seeking balance in a writing life

  1. Wilcox Carol says:

    Balance? Hmmmm. I think people should have it. And I don’t usually. I struggle to juggle school, motherhood, reading and writing life, physical activity, etc.When I was in grad school, Jane Hansen said, “A literate person has time to read, write, play, and think. I strive for that.” And that made sense to me. On her running blog, not too long ago, Franki Sibberson talked about how the balance doesn’t occur every day, rather it’s more a weekly or monthly balance, e.g. a really super busy week at school might not include much balance, but might be followed by a week where exercise was more a priority. The best I do is to get up super early and write. And to hold myself accountable by participating in challenges like Slice of Life and writing groups. I will be anxious to read what other people say.

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